Roadside Find: Free Wood

Roadside Find

Free wood? Even if I couldn’t think of a project off the bat, this was too pretty to pass up!

I found these outside of a girlfriend’s place. The pieces of wood are huge, and it took two of us to carry the shorter pieces. We didn’t know what we’d use this wood for, so we just grabbed the two smaller pieces. Later in the day, I thought they would make amazing table tops, but it was too late to go for the longer pieces. We ran into some contractors, who said these were pieces of a staircase they were building that weren’t cut quite right.

Good score, huh? What would you do with them?


4 thoughts on “Roadside Find: Free Wood

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    1. That could be cool… they are really heavy, so I would probably have to put them up with wall anchors or they could be cool with metallic posts… if only I could weld!

    1. Originally I was thinking it would be really cool to paint green and put around the bottom edge of a wall instead of moulding to look like grass in a kids room… then realized that it would probably not be safe.
      The planter idea sounds really cute!

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